Αρχική Έρευνα Working seminars

Working seminars

This weekly seminar series are organized by the Department of Business Administration of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). Seminars are held on Mondays 15:00 - 16:15 in Room A36, 3rd Floor, Antoniadou Building, 76 Patission Street, (unless otherwise stated).


For further information please contact:

George Kouretas (tel. 2108203277,
Olivia Kyriakidou (tel. 2108203384, 


(Fall semester 2016)

17 October 2016

Title: Determinants of bank risk: Evidence from emerging European economies
Speaker: Maria-Elena Agoraki (AUEB)

28 November 2016

Title: The impact of monetary policy shocks on nancially constrained UK rmsstock returns
Speaker: Nikos Balafas (Liverpool University Management School)

5 December 2016

Title: Predicting Bond Betas using Macro-Finance Variables
Speaker: Nektarios Aslanidis (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

12 December 2016

Title: The role of national and global identities in individuals’ moral recognition of corporate social responsibility: Evidence from France and China
Speaker: Petya Puncheva (ESC Rennes School of Business)

19 December 2016

Title: Heterogeneity in Investment and Financing Frictions
Speaker: Theodossios Dimopoulos (HEC Lausanne)

9 January 2017

Title: Institutional Investment Horizons and Labor Investment Efficiency
Speaker: Konstantinos Stathopoulos (Manchester Business School)

(Spring semester 2017)

3 April 2017

Title: TBA
Speaker: Filippos Papakonstantinou (Imperial College London)

24 April 2017

Title: Systemic Financial and Sovereign Risks
Speaker: Francisco Nadalde Simone (Central Bank of Luxembourg)



(Fall semester 2015)

19 November 2015

Title: How Does Creative Accounting Affect Future Governments’ Financial Performance? The Case of the Swiss Cantons
Speaker: Prof. Nils Soguel (Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, University of Lausanne)

10 December 2015

Title: Measuring Convergence and Divergence of Output across Countries
Speaker: Joseph Zeira (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

(Spring semester 2016)

22 February 2016

Title: “Does institutional trading drive commodities prices away from their fundamentals: Evidence from a nonparametric causality-in-quantiles test”
Speaker: Vasilis Babalos (TEI Kalamatas)

29 February 2016

Title: Shall we break up Google
Speaker: Ioannis Kokkoris (Queen University London)

21 March 2016

Title: "Financial Contagion in the Lab: Does Network Structure Matter?"
Speaker: Aikaterini Karadimitropoulou (University of East Anglia)

28 March 2016

Title: Strategic decision processes and Decision Quality: Towards a better understanding 
Speaker: Ioannis Thanos (Lancaster University Management School)

11 April 2016

Title: Do your findings depend on your data(base)? A comparative analysis and replication study using the three most widely used databases in international business research
Andrew Papadopoulos (Universite du Quebec a Montreal)

18 April 2016

Title: Dynamics among global asset portfolios: investors’ benefits from advanced vs. emerging markets
Georgios P. Kouretas (AUEB)

9 May 2016

Title: On corporate financial distress prediction: What can we learn from private firms in a developing economy?
Evangelos C. Charalambakis (Bank of Greece)

19 May 2016 (17.00-18.15 in Room D4)

Title: In-Group Disagreement and Out-Group Status
Speaker: Shahbaz Gill (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Business School)

23 May 2016

Title: Financial Expert CEOs and Earnings Management around Initial Public Offerings
Dimitrios Gounopoulos (University of Newcastle)



(Fall semester 2014)

20 October 2014

Title: Do fractional reserve banks have any future? The impact of recent reforms!
Speaker: Emilios Avgouleas (The University of Edinburgh Law School)

3 November 2014

Title: State-dependent Risk Preferences: Evidence from Individual Betting Choices
Speaker: Anastasia Angeliki Andrikogiannopoulou (University of Geneva)

24 November 2014

Title: Bank stock returns, leverage and the business cycle
Speaker: Kostas Tsatsaronis (Bank of International Settlements)

8 December 2014

Title: Narrating stories in Marketing and Management – Narratological Approaches for Marketing Storytelling
Speaker: Jan C. L. König (Leibniz University Hannover)

19 December 2014, A36 11.00-12.15

Title: Modeling cross correlation across major financial markets: a threshold approach
Speaker: Nektarios Aslanidis (Universitat Rovira I Virgili Tarragona)

(Spring semester 2015)

30 March 2015

Title: The Impact of Investor Horizon on Say-on-Pay Voting
Speaker: Georgios Voulgaris (Warwick Business School)

20 April 2015

Title: Did Baltic stock markets offer diversification benefits during the recent financial turmoil? Novel evidence from a nonparametric causality in quantiles test
Speaker: Vassilis Babalos (Technological and Educational Institute of Kalamata)

4 May 2015

Title: The Emperor's New Mind: On Constantine's I Decision to Legalize Christianity
Speaker: Costas Bourlakis (AUEB)

18 May 2015

Title: Democracy, Financial Regulation and Bank Competition in Emerging Banking Systems
Speaker: Maria-Eleni Agoraki (AUEB & Panteion University)

25 May 2015

Title: Cosmopolitanism and Entrepreneurship: a 'panoramic' perspective- evidence from Dubai- based research
Speaker: Ekaterini Nikolopoulou (University of Strathclyde in Dubai, UAE)



(Fall semester 2013)

25 November 2013

Title: Industries, Market Returns, and Economic Fundamentals: Evidence from the United States
Speaker: Nikiforos T. Laopodis (Fairfield University)

2 December 2013

Title: Bank ownership, financial segmants and the measurement of systemic risk: An application of CoVaR
Speaker: George Kouretas (AUEB)


(Spring semester 2014)

24 February 2014

Title: Is Personal Branding pushing the epistemological boundaries of marketing?
Speaker: Anna K. Zarkada (AUEB)

19 March 2014 (Α36, 17.30-18.45)

Title: City brand equity and how could we measure it?
Speaker: Irina N. Shafranskaya (Higher School of Economics - National Research University, Russia)

31 March 2014

Title: Foreign bank ownership and business regulations
Speaker: George Kouretas (AUEB)

7 April 2014

Title: How does the market variance risk premium vary over time? Evidence from S&P 500 variance swap investment returns
Speaker: Eirini Konstantinidi (University of Exeter Business School)

28 April 2014

Title: Limiting uncertainty about the future for management and decision making
Speaker: Nikolaos Kourentzes (Lancaster Business School)

12 May 2014

Title:Optimal technology replacement under uncertainty
Speaker: Michail Chronopoulos (Norwegian School of Economics)

26 May 2014

Title: Financial Regulation, Credit and Liquidity Policy and the Business Cycle
Speaker: George Bratsiotis (University of Manchester)



(Fall semester 2012)

15 October 2012

Title: Saving, Investment and Capital Mobility in EU Member Countries: A Panel Data Analysis of the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle
Speaker: George Kouretas (AUEB)

22 October 2012

Title: CEO Risk-taking Propensity and the Quality of Strategic Decisions: Effects of Living on the Wild Side
Speaker: Ioannis C. Thanos (University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School)

5 November 2012

Title: A Quantile Regression Approach to Equity Premium Prediction
Speaker: Ekaterini Panopoulou (University of Piraeus)

19 November 2012

Title: On The Prediction Of Financial Distress For Greek firms: Accounting or Market information?
Speaker: Vangelis Charalambakis (Bank of Greece)

26 November 2012

Title: Is Closeness too Important for Trading Ideas?
Speaker: Kyriakos Drivas (University of California at Berkeley)

3 December 2012

Title: Covered by equality: The gender subtext of a work-life balance initiative in a big engineering firm in Greece
Speaker: Olivia Kyriakidou (AUEB)

10 December 2012

Title: Effects of Cross-Cultural Management Courses on Cultural Intelligence
Speaker: Jacob Eisenberg (University College Dublin)

17 December 2012

Title: Tax Evasion across Industries: Soft Credit Evidence from Greece (Presentation)
Speaker: Margarita Tsoutsoura (The University of Chicago Booth School of Business)


(Spring semester 2013)

21 February 2013 (17:00-18:15)

Title: Paradoxical leadership to enable strategic agility 
Speaker: Costas Andriopoulos (Cardiff Business School) 

15 April 2013 

Title: Mastering the choice of ship’s flag: factors and implications 
Speaker: Kiki Mitroussi (Cardiff Business School) 

20 May 2013

Title: Judgmental Anchor Influences on Allocation and Goal Decisions
Speaker: Verlin Hinsz (North Dakota State University) 

17 June 2013

Title: Publishing in Top Academic Journals
Speaker: Chet Miller (C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston)



(Fall semester 2011)

24 October 2011

Title: Equilibrium mark-up in a supply chain leading to auction bidding under information asymmetry
Speaker: Panos Lorentziadis (AUEB)

31 October 2011

Title: The Greek Debt Crisis: Origins and Implications
Speaker: George Kouretas (AUEB)

7 November 2011

Title: Negotiating gendered identities through the process of identity construction: Women managers in engineering
Olivia Kyriakidou (AUEB)

5 December 2011

Title: Financial Market Monitoring and Surveillance: A Service Systems Approach (1st Paper, 2nd Paper)
Babis Theodoulidis (Manchester Business School)

19 December 2011

Title: Does corruption affect suicide rates?
Speaker: Marina-Selini Katsaiti (United Arab Emirates University)

9 January 2012

Title: Detecting News in Aggregate Earnings Data
Speaker: Panos Patatoukas (University of California at Berkeley)

16 January 2012

Title: A Multidimensional Framework of Retail Competition
Speaker: Costas Bourlakis (AUEB)


(Spring semester 2012)

19 March 2012

Title: Equity Prices and Macroeconomic Fundamentals
Speaker: Nikiforos Laopodis (Fairfield University)

18 May 2012

This seminar will be held in Room 601 (Building of Graduate Studies, Lefkados & Evelpidon) 15.30-17.00 

Title: The Measurement and Management of Corporate Intangibles: New Research Directions on the Future of Business Reporting (Presentation)
Speaker: Stefano Zambon (University of Ferrara)

28 May 2012

Title: Ερευνητικές Προκλήσεις προς την Δυναμική Επιχειρηματική Ευφυΐα (Research Challenges Towards Proactive Enterprise Intelligence)
Speaker: Grigoris Mentzas (National Technical University)




(Fall semester 2010)

4 October 2010

Title: State-dependent expectations and the Treasury bond's futures rates.
Speaker: Petros Migiakis (Bank of Greece)

11 October 2010

Title: TANDEM: An analytical diagnostics tool for the assessment of decision making practices
Speaker: Konstantinia Papamihail (Manchester Business School)

18 October 2010

Title: The Switch Hypothesis: The best way to combine analysis and intuition in complex decision making
Speaker: Vangelis Souitaris (City University)

25 October 2010

Title:Should investors include commodities in their portfolios after all? New evidence
Speaker: George Skiadopoulos (University of Piraeus)

22 November 2010

Title:Time varying beta risk for the stocks of the Athens Stock Exchange: A multivariate approach
Speaker: Argiris Volis (AUEB)

13 December 2010

Title: What Determines Successful Investment Decisions?
Speaker: Konstantinos Bozos (Leeds University Business School)

20 December 2010

Title: It pays to pay your investment banker: New evidence on the role of financial advisors in M&As
Speaker: Dimitris Petmezas (University of Surrey)

21 December 2010 (Tuesday, Room D4)

Title: Leverage and risk in US commercial banking in the light of the current financial crisis
Speaker: Nikos Papanikolaou (Luxemburg School of Finance)

10 January 2011

Title:The good, the bad and the anxious: How do banks respond to the state of the economy?
Speaker:George Kouretas (AUEB)

17 January 2011

Title: TBA
Speaker: Theodosia Konstantinidi (Lancaster University)

(Spring semester 2011)

28 February 2011

Title:Evidence from 2009-2010 FDIC failed institutions' P&A transactions
Speaker: Kostas Drakos (AUEB)

14 March 2011

Title: Fiscal performance, governance and growth in resource-rich economies: Do institutions matter?
Speaker: Marina-Selini Katsaiti (United Arab Emirates University)

21 March 2011

Title:Legal Aspects of Freight Derivatives
Speaker: Christina Tarnanidou (Hellenic Exchanges S.A.)

4 April 2011

Title:The impact of news announcements on volatility spillovers: International evidence from implied volatility markets
Speaker: Eirini Konstantinidi (Exeter Business School)

15 April 2011 (Friday,A44)

Title: Multivariate Asset Return Prediction with Mixture Models
Speaker: Marc Paloella (Swiss Banking Institute)

2 May 2011

Title: Enforceability of Fiscal Policy Discipline in Monetary Unions
Speaker: Costas Milas (Keele Univesity)

16 May 2011

Title: Monetary Policy, Banking Risk and Financial Stability
Speaker: George Chortareas (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

23 May 2011

Title: Momentum is risky after all!
Speaker: Emilios Galariotis (Audencia Nantes - School of Management)

6 June 2011

Title:The Political economy of Ancient Greece
Speaker:Costas Bourlakis (AUEB)



(Fall semester 2009)

12 October 2009

Title: International equity flows: diversification does matter 
Speaker: Kostas Kassimatis (AUEB) 

19 October 2009

Title: Spurious Spillover Effects between Spot and Derivatives Markets 
Speaker: Vasilis Sogiaks (AUEB) 

26 October 2009

Title: Pricing construction services: a research agenda 
Speaker: Anna Zarkada (AUEB) 

2 November 2009

Title:Risk in the EU banking industry and efficiency under quantile analysis 
Speaker: Anastassia Koutsomanoli-Filipaki (Council of Economic Advisors) 

9 November 2009

Title:Do High Technology Acquiers become more Innovative? 
Speaker: Panos Desyllas (Manchester Business School) 

23 November 2009

Title: TBA 
Speaker: TBA 

30 November 2009

Title: Trajectories of Organizational Commitment: A Grounded Theory Model 
Speaker: Simosi Maria (University of the Aegean)

7 December 2009

Title: Accruals and the Performance of Stock Returns following External Financing Activities 
Speaker: Georgios Papanastasopoulos (University of Peloponnese) 

14 December 2009

Title: An Appraisal of Motivation Principles In Shipping Companies 
Speaker: Kyriaki Mitroussi (Cardiff Business School) 

21 December 2009

Title: Forward-Looking Disclosure and Earnings Quality
Speaker: Vasiliki Athanassakou (LSE)

11 January 2010

Title: The impact of risk, complexity and monitoring on CEO compensation 
Speaker: George Papadakis (Boston University)

(Spring semester 2010)

22 February 2010

Title: A new solution to the purchasing power parity puzzles? Risk aversion, exchange rate uncertainty and the law of one price: Insights from the market of online air-travel tickets
Speaker: Michael Arghyrou (Cardiff Business School) 

1 March 2010

Title: Human resources turnover as an asset acquisition, accumulation and divesture process
Speaker: Maria Fotaki (AUEB) 

8 March 2010

Title:The capital structure choice and the consumption tax
Speaker: Andreas Andrikopoulos (University of the Aegean) 

15 March 2010

Title:Interest rates and bank risk-taking 
Speaker:George Kouretas (AUEB) 

22 March 2010

Title: Debt ratios or debt-equity choice?
Speaker: Evangelos Charalambakis (Manchester Business School) 

12 April 2010

Title:The exploration of novel technologies in biotechnology through alliance networks
Speaker: Anastassios Karamanos (ESSEC France-Asian Centre, Singapore) 

26 April 2010

Title: Contrasting mergers and acquisitions in boom and bust
Speaker: Ioannis Thanos (AUEB) 

3 May 2010

Title:Perceptions of Authenticity within Contemporary Commercialised Markets
Speaker: Natalia Yannopoulou (Nottingham University Business School) 

10 May 2010

Title: Understanding the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility: Context, Motives and Drivers 
Speaker: Andromache Athanassopoulou (Said Business School, University of Oxford) 

17 May 2010

Title: The Myth of Happy but Absentminded People: Are Happy People Mindless of Mindful Processors of Information?
Speaker: Yiorgos Bakamitsos (Tulane University) and Angela Y. Lee (Northwestern University) 

31 May 2010

Title: CEO dismissal: The role of environmental and organizational conditions
Speaker: Nikos Kavadis (Rotterdam School of Management) 

7 June 2010

Title: Influence tactic ambidexterity for achieving performance
Speaker: Ilias Kapoutsis (AUEB) 

14 June 2010

Title: Innovation and Preservation of SEW in Family Controlled Firms
Speaker: Marianna Makri (University of Miami)




(Spring semester 2009)

3 April 2009

Title: New trends and Career in Advertising
Speaker:Michael Belch (San Diego State University) 

4 May 2009

Title: Managerial Compensation and Capital structure under Asymmetric Information 
Speaker: Kostas Koufopoulos (Warwick Business School) 

11 May 2009

Title:Modeling convergence dynamics: a distance-based approach 
Speaker: Dimitris Thomakos (University of Peloponnese) 

18 May 2009

Title:On-site audits, enforcement actions, and bank risk-taking 
Speaker:Manthos Delis (University of Ioannina) 

25 May 2009

Title:Business Process Management for Supply Chain Management 
Speaker:Vassilis Karakostas (City University) 

1 June 2009

Title:The Role of Senior Strategic Directors in Large Firms: Strategy from a Practice Perspective 
Speaker:Sotirios Paroutis (Warwick Business School) 

9 June 2009

Title:The Emerging BRIC Economies: Evidence from the Interest Rate Transmission Mechanism 
Speaker:Prodromos Vlamis (Centre of Economic Planning and Research and AUEB)




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